November 4-12 Prayer Requests

Todd Ransom - Be praying for ROOTED. We believe that this experience really has an opportunity to help create & develop followers of Jesus. We need your help facing the spiritual warfare that will surround this and making sure Jesus can be clearly encountered for everyone in it. We want to see over 200 people join us on this journey starting January 27th. This has a chance to redefine our church and our personal journeys in the most incredible ways.

Sarah Berry Ann - Urgent prayers for my cousin Haleigh who is in critical condition after developing HELLP syndrome during pregnancy. Her baby boy Kasen was delivered two months early due to this, and is doing fine. Haleigh though, is now on the liver transplant list and they are having to recycle her blood in hopes of keeping her body healthy enough for transplant, but her situation is dire. Please pray for Haleigh and her family during this incredibly difficult time. 

Beckie Herzig - Continued confidence in steps

Donna Rice - Praying to know what to pray for

Jim and Sherry Dykes - Prayers for Sherry’s sister Patty, lots of stress, work. Our dad and her in-law, George. Praise for wisdom since George broke both hips. Looking at assisted living. Prayers for peace.

Travis Rogan