August 27th Prayer Requests

Alicia and Kyle L. - That god will provide peace, take away all fear, and enable us to trust his perfect plan during this time of uncertainty regarding Kyle’s tumor growth (diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis Type 2). For God to help us find the right team of doctors to treat his growing brain tumor and that the Kyle will overcome the 1/20 odds of the brain tumor becoming malignant post radiation treatment (Gamma Knife). Prayers that God will heal the chronic pain that Kyle is experiencing in his hands, neck, and other various places where the tumors are located which is limiting his daily functioning.

John C. - Please pray for Gordon and his open-heart surgery on Friday. That all goes well, that the surgeon does what is best, and for Gordon as he recovers.

Tanisha F. - Our 9yr old nephew Benjamin who lives in the Dominican republic has been diagnosed with septic arthritis. A surgery was performed Tuesday to remove the infection and he will have a two-week hospital stay once they're able to confirm the infection is gone. However we just got news that his fever is back which indicates sepsis is still a problem.

Travis Rogan