August 25th Prayer Requests

Kenny Schlichtkrull - Earlier today my sister Bernadette had been called in for a double lung transplant. They had a donor. Unfortunately things didn't go well and the lungs weren’t viable. Please continue to pray that she can get the help she needs soon. And pray for comfort for the donor’s family.

Travis Rogan
August 5th Prayer Requests

Michelle and Phil C - Please pray for our little friend Rebekah. She just turned 10 and they found out this past weekend that she has leukemia. She needs all the prayer she can get. Thanks so much!!

Travis Rogan
July 29th Prayer Requests

Steve H -  Please pray for my wife and kids that they would welcome Christ as their savior. My relation ship with my wife is very strained and I would like us to become closer as a family and attend church together.

Todd Ransom
July 9th Prayer Requests

Sarah K - I’ve been struggling recently with a feeling or worth and purpose which weakens my strength in the face of temptations. I’d love any spiritual support to help me develop a healthier spiritual life and sense of identity.

Travis Rogan
July 8th Prayer Requests

Kathy Majetic - Prayers for my son. He tore his tendon in his knee while in Florida. Pray for financial support to purchase his medical needs. Pray for his spirit. His spirits are low from the constant spiritual battles we are waging as a family.

Travis Rogan