Week 10 - Why is the Church important?

Speaking Truth into Each Others

As we approach week 10, remember this is an opportunity to point out all that you've seen God doing in the life of each person in your group. Do that through a personal card and verbally in your group time. Encourage your group to point out the individual giftings, character strengths, and passions worth pursuing in their lives.

  • "Jason, I've noticed you're super compassionate especially when it comes to the racial tension in our city. You should get involved serving at a place like Urban Impact.

  • "Jen, you have no idea how much people look up to you. Embrace the leadership opportunities God is calling you to right now."

  • "Jordan, I know it's been tough to forgive yourself, but know that God sees beyond those decisions. He loves you unconditionally and is building something beautiful in you. I'd encourage you to continue to let him replace those ideas you have about yourself with the ones God is saysabout who you are now. Let him break down those strongholds.” 

Allow each person time and space to talk about what this Rooted season meant to them and then have your group speak these kinds of truths and encouragement into each other's lives. Then, have someone (or yourself) pray over that person. Use your discretion and your Facilitators Guide to think through what this looks like.

What's Next?

Finish the conversation surrounding what's next with your group. Let me know what you all decide, but make sure it's essentially unanimous. Don't keep going for another month or season begrudgingly. 

  • Another Month (Late April - Early May)

  • Another Season (September)

  • Another Situation (We can help them find another group)

We will be in touch with everyone when we regroup Journey Groups in September to make a decision about that season individually.

Preparing for Week 10

Send a text or email to your group beforehand and prepare your group to think through one or two encouraging truths they want to share with each person in their group. Maybe encourage them to think of a word, a phrase, quality, or a passion that comes to mind when they think about each individual in their group.

Cardboard Testimonies

At the Celebration on 4/7, we will be highlighting some stories from this season of Rooted. I’m asking every group to submit one or two people that might be willing to share their story. Send me an email below with their name and a brief description of what I should ask them about.

I will reach out and coordinate with them about what this will look like.

Todd Ransom